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About US

Jumping Mountain Biker

How we started

    Rogue Veteran’s Mountain Bike Alliance started out as four friends riding together two prior service veterans and two active duty veterans. We had all used mountain biking as an outlet to deal with our own issues whether it was mental or physical and immediately realized it had a major positive impact on our lives. We then decided to share this experience with any other military people we could, hoping that it would also provide them with the same or better experience. A year down the road we went from a small bike ride group to a Nationally recognized non-profit with hundreds of members. Rogue has provided soldiers with a sense of camaraderie like they experienced in their units and built a community that is very close and tight knit. Proving that mountain biking is a great outlet to help many of our current and past military deal with any challenges they might face.

Cyclists in the Mountains

What We Do

Rogue takes veterans and current service members that want to ride and introduces them into a group that will support and helps build their skills in mountain biking. We have a strong community and culture within the group that provides support for each other. Whether you need to learn to fix your bike or someone to just enjoy nature with we got your six covered. Our group is entirely self-supported by having our sponsored bike shop and peer-based coaching. If it’s bike-related we can help. If it’s something else we can point you in the right direction.

Mountain Biking in the Fog

Our Mission

Enhancing the lives of prior and current service members through mountain biking.

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