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All donations given to Rogue are appreciated as we know this isn't mandatory. But we will let you know what our plan is: All donated will first go to cover all administration cost for the organization. As we have no paid employees this amount is not as much as larger organizations. The next item on our list is to pay for our liability insurance just to make sure all ends are covered. These two items are covered first to keep the organization running. 

With all the business costs covered the remaining money will go directly towards the membership and the Soldier's Fund which we will explain in a moment. Our current goals are based on the input from our members and their interest as we take the time to hold many sessions for input and voting. 

The Soldiers’ Fund is a side project of Rogue Veterans Mountain Bike Alliance. The goal is to pay for the repairs and occasionally replacement of a service member's bike. This is for when they are deployed or go under a major surgery. We do this as a way to give back to the service members and surprise them with something special that they were not expecting. Soldiers' past and present are selected by the board members and the repairs are done by Gnarly B’s Bike shop as it is veteran owned and operated. 



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